A Conversation with Peter Conners, Publisher, BOA Editions LTD

LAS: In an essay on Meg Pokrass’s work I wrote for Bloom/The Millions, I suggest the possibility that the internet has opened up these new spaces or territories that allow writers, in your words to “push boundaries, plumb interstices, and redraw the lines.” Grant Faulkner, in his piece for The New York Times Opinionator, suggests the same.  What is your position on this?

PC: I don’t think that the internet has had a dramatic effect on the type of writing I focused on in PP/FF, mainly because there’s nothing in there that can’t be done on a page of paper. The internet has certainly been a boon to writers and spawned innovation in a thousand ways, but not with regards to this type of writing. That said, was with Double Room, it’s certainly opened up numerous venues for showcasing PP/FF-style writing and discussion – and that can only help educate, inspire, and help push the forms forward.

Read the whole interview here

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