BEDLAM: New Work by Women Writers (selected) note: sadly this website was hacked and the links no longer work for BEDLAM. They are here for memorializing the work I did and the amazing women who collaborated with me.

Christen Clifford

Laurie Stone

Allison Wright

Anna March

Tiphanie Yanique

Michele Raphael

Rosebud Ben-Oni

Cynthia Manick

Lisa Marie Basile


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A Conversation with Sophie Rosenblum, Web Editor, NANO Fiction

A Conversation with Grant Faulkner, Director, NANOWRIMO

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A Conversation with Meg Pokrass, Writer and Editor of New Flash Fiction Review


The Fem Lit Mag

Featured Friday: Meet Lillian Ann Slugocki


Wreckage of Reason II Book Tour

Lillian Ann Slugocki talks to Elizabeth Bachner

EC Bachner talks to Lillian Ann Slugocki

A Review of  WOR II, Brooklyn Rail



On Clowns and Lords of Misrule: A Conversation with Lillian Ann Slugocki and Deborah Oster Pannell,


Beatrice, Ed. Ron Hogan

Lillian Ann Slugocki and Erin Cressida Wilson, The Erotica Project