5 Cantos in Late September @ Atticus Review



The Taxonomy

Last November, I read the Gita every day, usually in the morning. I read it out loud. I read Chapter 10, where Krishna attempts a taxonomy of who he or she is, and this definition is basically a list of the most beautiful things on earth, and, by extension, the universe.  This happens in conversation with a young soldier, Arjuna, of royal birth, and the hero of the story.

Arjuna is about to face the bloodiest day of battle against his enemy, and yet it is an intimate, quiet moment between them. This meeting, between man and god, takes place in the morning, as the mist is rising over the fields.

All right, Arjuna: I will tell you
a few of my manifestations,
the most glorious ones, for infinite
are the forms in which I appear. (10.18-21)

Read the whole essay here

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