Everyone should have an aunt as cool as you

Everyone should have an aunt as cool as you

I love your beabocks and your beehive hair-do.


When I babysat for you, I’d sneak into your room

And try on all your jewelry, and eat all your snacks, too.


I’d ride my Schwinn to your house in the afternoon

And have a Pepsi or two with ice cubes,


while we listened to the Beatles sing Love, Love Me Do.


And sometimes watch Ed Sullivan on the boob tube.


I loved your make-up and your clothes

And your eye shadow so blue.


Your platinum hair was way beyond cool.


When Mark set the field on fire

And ran to you,


You fixed him a bologna sandwich, and potato chips, too.


When my mom had cancer you stayed true blue

I heard you crying one night in your room.


I love the Polish dishes you use

When you serve food.


Your kitchen is your kingdom

Where you rule.


When I was little I wanted to grow up 

And be just like you.


Everyone should have an aunt as cool as you.


So Happy Birthday Aunt Sophi, 


I love you.  



  1. I cried happy tears reading this. I agree 100% with all that you said. I never really cared much for popcorn, but Aunt Sophi made the best. Using her well seasoned popcorn pan. Oh, the great memories I have from Sophi, Slugocki’s, Walter and Helen.


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